Exhibitors and Performers for 2020 Coming Soon

Nilufar Aripova
Life Coach, Nutrition, and Wellness Consultant, Weight Loss Programmes.

Avalon Aura Photography
Personal Aura Photograph Interpretation Reading and Option of Bio-Feedback Report on CD.

Neshla Avey
Angel Jewellery and Tarot Cards.

Sara Balcombe
Crystals and Crystal Jewellery.

Jane Batten
Neal's Yard Remedies Organic.

Ro Boulton-Nash
Fairy Houses, Garden Goodies, Enchanting Flowers Oracle Cards, AromaFairypy Essential Oil Fragrances and Mists. Plus, Ruby and the Magic Stones Children’s Book.

Annette Bradbury
Clairvoyant, Medium and Spiritual Healing.

Philip Bramhill Meditation Drums.

Jonathan Brown

Tara Louise Chamberlain

I have always been drawn to the Native American culture from a young boy due to its aspects of Nature, and how living with it you grow to have an understanding and become part of it. Having a natural instinct in making all items from their way of life and sold world wide, the Flute was a continuation of a path for me to follow. I taught myself how to play. By thinking from the heart and being a visionary I have become a conduit in feeling the emotions that appear in sound before me.

Christian Science Healing (Poole)

Caroline Coe - Medium
I was always sensitive as a little girl and unknown to me then, my Grandmother was aware of her guides and very much connected with the world of spirit. I started sitting in circles 16 years ago and have progressed since then. I have been working on the platform for the past three years with the encouragement and guidance of two teachers and a friend that I work with. I now work over the South West in halls and churches giving Clairvoyant demonstrations and readings.

Crystal Connections
Eddie and Lorraine will be bringing a lovely array of Crystals, Silver Gemstone Jewellery, Cards, Resin Buddhas and More.

Kevin Davies:
Bio Health Tech: Health Scanning the inside story...
Amazing new technology from Bio Health Tech completes an automated full body scan.

If you are searching for a better way to manage your health then give the latest in Bio Resonance systems a try...
It’s my belief that health practices of the future will be Preventive, Predictive, Participative and Personalised. Today our Bio Resonance system completes an Automated Full Body scan. It’s simply the quickest way to ‘Shine a Light’ on what’s going on inside, showing us the areas under stress that need immediate attention, we then treat over the course of a year.
We know that just by juicing, rigorously, we can improve our health, this takes around two and half to three years. With the correct use of technology, we hope to be able to bring this down to two to three months.

Give Kevin a call today on 02079 657 548 between 11am and 1pm, Monday to Friday.

Beverley Densham Happy Kids Workshops and Angel Workshop only.

Shanti Devi
Gentle Energy/Heart Healing - creating Peace, Balance and Bliss.

Paul Dickinson
Hands on Healing/ Melchizedek Method.

Naomi Duffield
Swanage Retreats, Day and Residential Retreats and Courses for Holistic Health and Well-Being, including Accredited Diploma for Practical Spirituality and Wellness - Training Spiritual Companions.

Julie Duggan Designs
Beautifully Designed, Solid Silver Jewellery. Based in Cornwall.

Lydia Edwards
" Lydia of Phoenix Rising Acupuncture and Tui Na clinic, in Southbourne is offering taster sessions of Chinese Tui Na Massage, and is also available to discuss other therapy's Phoenix Rising offers, such as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Qi Gong. Lydia has studied the Eastern spiritual, medical and martial arts for around 18 years, and is a member of Lotus Nei Gong International of which she attends regular events to extend her knowledge.

What is Tui Na?
Tui Na is performed over clothing, and is a form of Energetic Ancient Chinese massage that has been developed over several thousand years, to become a highly effective non-invasive treatment. Using manipulative therapy, Tui Na is a hands-on body treatment, that uses Chinese Daoist principles in an effort to bring the body into balance.

Chinese Massage Therapy focuses on improving the structural alignment of the body and on healing soft tissues injuries. By applying specific methods of tissue manipulation, obstructions in the Channel's (meridians) pathways can be removed, thus promoting and increasing circulation of Qi (energy) and blood.

These treatment modalities utilised in Chinese Massage are similar to those used in Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Western Physical Therapy, and Sports Massage Therapy."

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Within all people is a magical quality and spiritual wisdom that our ancestors recognised and connected with, as part of daily life. Now is the time to unlock the ancient ways and weave them into modern day… If you wish to learn what it is to walk your natural path then you have come to the right place.

I am an Author, Singer, Drummer, Flautist, and Storyteller – all of which I employ in weaving the ancient craft of the Wisewoman, Seer, Shaman, together as one.  We all carry this ability to work on all levels of awareness and intuition to heighten our gifts and talents. It is our natural birthright and it is time to reclaim it!

Lorraine Fish
Pure Handmade Skincare Products.

Foot in the East
Having travelled the World for many years and seen the wonderful and exotic handmade products, we decided to share them with you.

We search the far-flung corners of Asia to exclusively bring our customers the most unique and desirable products these mystical and beautiful lands have to offer. Ranging from fine silk scarves and sarongs to traditional hand carved animal figures. All can be found at our website, and all with the satisfaction that we only sell ethically sourced products..

Patrick Gamble
Spiritual Artist, Paintings, Cards, Calendars, Oracle Decks, Spirit Guide Portraits and more.

Samantha Green
Green Panda Yoga Wear - Ethical Yoga Wear.

He Hi She Lo  
Steve and Mo. We offer for sale all types of crystals and minerals from around the world and have a large and constantly changing selection of fabulous unique and one off pieces. We also have a huge range of tumbled stones, plus a wide selection of rough and natural pieces plus carved and polished pieces and pendulums too and we also sell a great range of exquisite crystal jewellery. We both love crystals and we want to be able to bring members of the crystal family and the mineral kingdom to as many people as possible.

Steve Hounsome
Steve has worked with the Tarot for 36 years. He is the creator of The Tarot Therapy deck, and with visionary artist Patrick Gamble, ‘The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot – The Tarot of Gnosis’. He has written 9 books in this field, including 5 titles on the Tarot. He teaches internationally, has appeared on tv and radio and been featured in many magazines and newspapers. He is based in Poole and runs a series of Tarot Courses, workshops and development groups there.

Kelly Jennison
Candles, Scented Products, Bookmarks and Jewellery.

Jeanette Jones
Any Green will Do. Eco friendly everyday household products

Joylina inspires people all over the world to uncover and embrace their full potential. This is achieved through soul coaching, on-line training courses, workshops, retreats, healing and of course psychic clairvoyant angel readings.'

Karen Kay
We are looking forward to Karen’s Workshops at Lighthouse.
Karen Kay, is a former BBC news editor who is now a Fairyologist. Her fairy journey started in her Grandmother’s garden where she used to make fairy perfume as a young girl! She currently writes a fairy column for Soul & Spirit magazine, and her new Fairy Oracle cards will be published in 2019. Join her newsletter at www.karenkay.co.uk to receive a free Fairy Door Meditation.

Anna Kwasigroch
Transference Healing TM.

Mark Lange - Healers Hands and Michelle Prior
Bowen Technique, Allergy Testing, Emotional and Ancestral Stress Release, Feng Shui, Dowsing Courses, Angel Card Readings and More.

Emma Lely
The Holistic Butterfly is dedicated to help you relax, re-balance and de-stress. We are delighted to be offering Reflexology with combined Foot Readings, Reiki Healing and Back, Neck and Shoulder Massages.

Live a Happy Life
Feng Shui Consultation, Louise Hay Workshops and Tarot Workshops.

Magnetix Wellness Jewellery

Colin Mew
Past Life Regression.

Kelly Mitchell Quirky Cavern Gift Shop and Arrix Health and Well-Being Natural Products.

Janet Monk
Crystal Healing, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hand Reflexology

Heather Moore
Tarot, Feng Shui Consultations, TarotWorkshops, Feng Shui Workshops, Louise Hay Workshops.

Wendelin Morrison
Dorset based Thangka Artist (Tibetan Buddhist Sacred Art). Prints, Cards and Commissions.
’I will be painting while I am there, and can talk to people about Thangka … When the Tashi Lhumpo Monks are in Dorset doing Sand Mandalas, as they will be again later this year. I have worked painting alongside them to show different form of the sacred in Tibetan Buddhist practices.

Daniel and Adam Neale   
Crystals and Stones, Raw, Polished, Tumbled, Lingam, Spheres, Wands, Pendulums, Hearts. 

New World Creations
Handmade, Divinely Inspires Angelic Sculptures and Meditation Beads

Shell North Crafty Little Corner Children’s Activities and Powertex Creations and Trefor from The Magical Use of Herbs

Flavia Kate Peters
“The Earth needs your help. The Fae are calling you to harness the power of Nature. In return they offer assistance to enable you to thrive in this very modern world, in balance and harmony, and with a sprinkle of very real magic.”
I offer Healing, Attunements, Readings and Guidance as well as giving Talks & Workshops nationwide. Most weekends are spent attending, giving talks and performing at events such as Mind Body Spirit, Pagan Federation, Witchfest and others in the UK  and further afield. With over 20 years of live stage experience I also sing with the awesome goddess band ‘Daughters of Gaia’ and at events & ceremonies with fellow chantress Barbara Meiklejohn-Free as the duo ‘Heaven and Earth’ and with the band ‘The Collective’ throughout the UK.

Sandra Pickney
Pendulum Readings, Handmade Gemstone Jewellery, Prayer/Meditation Beads, Crystal Therapy and Aromatherapy Bracelets, Pendulum Boards, Massage, Stones, Wands and Fans, plus Fair Trade Salt Lamps.

Poole Christian Spiritualist Church, Bournemouth Spiritualist Church, Kinson Spiritualist Group, Charminster Spiritualist Church, Christchurch Spiritualist Centre
Local Spiritualist Groups join together to share Spiritual Healing.

Michelle Prior
Spiritual Guidance, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Cleansing, Angel Cards and Attachment Release, Spiritual and Reiki Healing

Ali Protheroe
Tuning Fork Sound Therapies for People and Animals. Reiki, Crysyal Trauma Release for Animals.

Karen Pryce
Mediumship Readings.

Rae Raiment - Sticks and Stones
Reiki Charged Crystal Obelisks, Spheres and Hand Crafted Walking Sticks, Staff and Wands, plus Tarot Reading.

Red Kite Flutes
Native American Style Flutes. One to One Flute Lessons and Meditation Lessons.

Heulwen Handmade and Holistic
Handmade and Holistic Chakra Blankets and Chakra Products, Candles, Soaps and Bath Bombs.

Samantha Robinson
Rocks, Crystal and Jewellery.

Alice Rogers
Acupuncture and Zero Balancing Body Touch Therapy.

Wildlife Conservation Charity. Information about nature's impact on our well-being and how people can help give nature a home and support us through membership.

Helena Schenke
Dream Analysis and Numerology.

Fiona Scott
Handmade Raw Chocolate and Confectionary, no processed sugars, dairy or gluten. Plus Soaps and Lip Balm made with Cacoa.

Seraphina Jewellery
Seraphina Jewellery is an exclusive collection of individually handcrafted necklaces from Brazil, clutching a range of semi precious gemstones, organic crystals and natural mineral rocks. Each necklace is covered with an anti-allergenic coating to protect your skin and prevent tarnishing.

Marion Clifford is the founder of Seraphina Jewellery. Based in London, her passion and expertise underlies each transaction, providing an unparalleled level of international customer service and satisfaction.

Ros Simons
Drum and Ceremonial Tool Maker and Tree Whisperer living and working in Exmoor National Park, Somerset.
Ros has been creating sacred items from natural materials since she was a child and she has been walking a shamanic path for most of her life. Working as a therapist for over 30 years and facilitating workshops for individuals and groups since 2000 she will be promoting her unique One-to-One Drum Birthing Days, Tree Workshops and Year Long Journeys as well as her Retreats in Nature. She will be selling her hand made Drums, Rattles and other Ceremonial Tools along with her Spirit Jewellery, Tree Spirit and Ogham Sets and Altar Pieces. 

Greg Smith
Well known Medium, TV, Radio - Paranormal Investigator, Motivational Speaker, Past Life Regressionist. Greg often appears in theatres and venues across the country demonstrating his "different class" mediumship. His entertaining mediumship brings laughter and joy to audiences everywhere he goes.

Rosie Smith  - Life Balance Chiropractic Posture Assessments and Offers.

Soul Sisters
High quality Indian imports, including Boxes, Buddhas, Wall Hangings, Soap Stone, Burners, Incense, Ceramics, Plaques, Salt Lamps, Soy Wax Vegan Candles and other trinkets.

Magical Face Painting for 'children' of all ages!!

Spiderwitch Fantasy Creations

Spirit Earth
A Range of Pagan, Wiccan and Shamanic Goods, Books, Oracle and Tarot Cards plus CBD Oil.

Gemma Stacey
Ann Stokes, Lisa Parker Goods, including Bags, Purses, Incense, Salt Lamps, Animal Communication and Direct Source Mediumship.

Melayne Stone
Psychic Medium using tarot, runes, Life Purpose cards, Past Life and Remote Viewing.

Samantha Tate
Abstract and Intuitive Art, Printsand Promotional Products.

Kit Temple
Health Dowsing, Diet Analysis, Meridian Balancing and Healing.

Tickadee Trading Co. Ltd
Ethically Sourced and Fair Traded Jewellery, Incense, Home Décor, Gifts, Textiles and Clothes from Around the World.

The Spoon Lady
Love Spoons Jewellery and Up Cycled Clothing.

The Symphonic Vibrational Movement
Sounds Perfect – Vibrations to  Heal Mind, Body and Emotions. Workshops only.

Carol Thorneycroft
Archangel Metatron Colour Healing and Energy Sprays.

Joy Vernon
Silver and Gemstone Jewellery.

Oscar Villegas 
International Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Radio Host. 'I possess an amazing gift - psychic powers that over the years of my extraordinary life have brought joy and comfort to thousands of people as I join the two Worlds as one to bring messages of love and comfort from the Higher Realms'.

Deborah Watts
Crystal Therapy and Reiki Treatments.

Sarah Williams
Organic Aromatherapy Products.

Hand Selected Crystals and Jewellery that Beautifully Compliment Our Ethical Skincare, Make Up, Fair Trade Gifts and Homewares. We will also be showcasing our Holistic Therapies, Spiritual Workshops, Retreats and Special Events held in our Holistic Centre in the Heart of the Exe Valley.

Susie Woods
Susie - Spiritually Inspired. Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Artist, Visual artwork and Art Greetings Cards.
I have worked with spirit for the past 15 years with 1:1 private readings, parties, phone readings, workshops, public demonstrations and platform working primarily in the UK but also in Ireland. Within each reading i draw the persons journey, giving evidence, clarity, guidance from spirit and loved ones, also gypsy and angel oracle cards are used as a form of divination.

Nikoleta Zolnerova
Access Bars Treatment and channelling potential messages from Higher beings. Let's hit your mind's reset button and release all the worries and limitations that holds you back. Your body will be much more relaxed and your mind will be clearer and ready for the next challenge. Bring joy and inner strength back into your life and become the best version of yourself.