Looking forward TO WELCOMING YOU!

Around 1,000 people help create the magic that we have all come to expect each year at the iconic Lighthouse, Poole. It has grown into a fabulous event with something for everyone.

Dates for 2020 are 8th and 9th February - so do make a note in your diary and we’ll see you there!!

Why come and join us? It’s the perfect kind of weekend to come on in from the cold, and be surrounded by the welcome and warmth of some amazing sights, sounds and experiences!

What makes this event so amazing is that it really is packed with things to do for all ages - from children having fun, to those on a spiritual quest, for those looking to improve health and well-being to those simply wanting to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the wonderful stands. 

We want to thank each and everyone who make it such a wonderful gathering - Visitors, Exhibitors, Lighthouse, Family, Friends and Crew. Without you, it wouldn't be the show it has grown to be.

We are all looking forward to seeing you all once more in February!

Best wishes, 
Elaine Fenton - Event Organiser

A host of things to see and do …
PLUS Fantastic Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops !


For the sixth year, we are held a fantastic raffle in support of Poole Hospital, raising funds for Dorset Cancer Care, in memory of my dear sister, Jane McCheyne, who worked for many happy years at the hospital, and who received incredible care there before her passing in April 2015. She was also a great supporter of the event. This year we raised £185! 
Always in our hearts Jane!



Jane McCheyne - January 2015


Take a few minutes to feel for yourself the magic we create at this event by watching our short video above.


With thanks to Lighthouse for making this event possible

With thanks to Lighthouse for making this event possible